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Seattle Paid Sick Leave: Use It Or Lose It

Seattle paid sick time for Uber & Lyft drivers will expire at the end of the year as we transition to a new statewise system. Click here to learn how to claim the benefit you earned. Read more

Survey Finds Drivers Union Crucial to Connecting Drivers to Support

A recent survey finds that most King County Uber and Lyft drivers' access to support services and benefits is facilitated by Drivers Union. Read more

Uber Deactivation Guidelines

Thanks to our success in passing HB 2076, The Expand Fairness Act, Uber has now published a written background check policy for Washington drivers for the first time ever. Read more

Drivers Union 10K Run Registration

Voices for Fairness Victory Celebration

ALERT! Uber and Lyft drivers targeted by scammers

Watch out for mobile scams! Read more

Drivers celebrate nation-leading pay and benefits statewide

Drivers Celebrate As the Expand Fairness Act Is Signed Into Law. Read more

Expand Fairness: Drivers Know Your Rights Training

Expand Fairness: Drivers Know Your Rights Training Read more

Uber and Lyft drivers win nation leading pay and benefits statewide

More than 3,000 drivers took action in support of this groundbreaking victory. Read more

Myths from out-of-state critics on “The Expand Fairness Bill” (HB 2076)

Uber/Lyft drivers in WA are winning the highest labor standards in the country. Read more

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